157 – Gone Are The Days

The big update I promised has arrived! I will be regularly updating with any new stuff from now…just not the more adventurous goods! Well, maybe one or two. Not tagging everything because there are too many images. Booo~ Advertisements

156 – Kill Ratio

Will do a big update soon…only because I have been uploading somewhere else for the duration…but now I am uploading everywhere~!

155 – The Maze

I barely carried on each day…

154 – DoYaThing

I did.

153 – Sauna


152 – Trip The Darkness

Judge Hershey…

151 – Tell Me Is It True

Kimura, Hope Summers and Cassandra Cain…

150 – Louder

Just a text update, will be opening commission shop *again* starting March 1st, prices or anything will be discussed with individuals wanting anything done because…it is better that way! Will be updating the necessary page to reflect this change too.