Izanami VIP

Basically, for those who want anything specific to their interests, Izanami VIP (Variance In Production) offers the service of getting that specified request done, provided you want it of course.

FLAT FEE FOR COMMISSIONS? WHY NOT, EH? ÂŁ30 for piece…and I say any piece, unless it is something big, of which, that can be discussed.

To contact me, you can either…

Send an e-mail: zakuta@gmail.com
Send me a message through Twitter! @Antagasura (do not forget to follow!)

I will get back to the messages as soon as I can – I am working long hours and can be caught pretty tired most of the time, so I will try and get myself psyched and ready to reply to people and get things done!

Thank you all for visiting my page and have a nice day!

6 Responses to “Izanami VIP”
  1. Marcus Flint says:

    So I am the anon who requested the shrinking wasp image that you drew earlier today and I was hoping to make contact with to learn some specifics about doing commissions. First of all Thank you again for that wonderful image. It was pretty expertly drawn and I very much enjoyed the flair you gave it.
    Next let me ask what your general boundaries are with drawings. I feel this is always a good question to ask considering some individuals will scowl at the mere mention of drawing bare ankles.
    Finally I am curious as to whether i can pay here or if I am required to use a site such as paypal?

    Thank you so much for your time and again for the drawing. I wish you a pleasant day.

    • Izanami says:

      Heya, happy you liked the picture 🙂

      In regards to payment, I accept Paypal.

      In regards to boundaries…you have to tell me what you want and I will tell you if I will not mind drawing it. As a whole I am none too bothered with what I draw, but I always ask people to just tell me their idea and I will get back to them if I decide to go ahead with it or not.

      Thank you 🙂

      • Marcus Flint says:

        Absolutely. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly. Paypal works for me as well.
        Okay specifically do you have any issue drawing images containing the following:
        Body Expansion or
        Person to object transformation.
        If I have offended you I apologize. Those types of images fascinate me and If I have crossed a boundary I will request something less risque or bother you no longer. I didn’t mean to be blunt, I just dislike beating around the bush.

        I offer my sincerest amends if I have wasted your time. Thanks again.

      • Izanami says:

        I am fine with that. Just send me a direct email with your request:


        And no problem…I try to get back as fast as I can 🙂

  2. Lyrissa says:

    Do you still take commissions?

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