164 – I Love It

What happens when you combine movies and comics. Advertisements

137 – Lifeless


132 – Neo

…and another~

131 – Shinobi Reverse

Few more…

130 – Hall of Fate

So I decided, yes, I will be doing portrait pictures. I have dedicated a sketchbook to them and will be practicing. A long way to go of course, but it is definitely lots of fun getting the extra experience and practice…it even takes a lot longer to finish pieces and I am totally OK with … Continue reading

97 – The Nine

Did not turn out as good as I hoped, but whatever. I would definitely try and draw more Gaga though.

95 – Supernova

Cheryl Cole…

92 – Lethal Cut

Getting back into the mode…guess I should get to work on the other pictures, eh…

78 – Durarara!!

Sweating on this one…