110 – Hydrocity

No internet at my new place is kind of rubbish, but it will get done soon, then things will be a teeeny bit different… …in any case, WIP’s and whatnot that I am working on…also a number of background things as well. It is good to keep busy, but it is all about time management. … Continue reading

97 – The Nine

Did not turn out as good as I hoped, but whatever. I would definitely try and draw more Gaga though.

84 – Tension In The Air

Some more…

75 – Submarines

Before I forget…

74 – The Looking Glass

Miscellaneous sketches…

44 – Therapy

The real reason behind the new Songbird – by request… …and yes, NEW LAPTOP FOR YAYS

34 – Infusion

More Songbird, with a little Karla thrown in…

33 – Ride Insane

New Songbird…long hair fe get cut, possibly by Moonstone!