146 – Survive

More recent goods… Advertisements

83 – Esaka Continues…

…well, it does.

82 – Irregular Mission

More works…

80 – Reanimator

Despite her heavily unbalanced figure, Rangiku should still persue a modelling career.

74 – The Looking Glass

Miscellaneous sketches…

72 – Submerged

I feel as though I actually evolving into the person I want to be…this is the strangest feeling ever…I cannot quite explain it. In any case, some Power Girl…

56 – Winter War

Another Motion sketch plus Nightwing and Flamebird.

47 – Facade


31 – Keep It Comin’

Power Girl and Terra…N (particularly) WS, so a link has been provided. https://izanamitrap.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=169

2 – Christmas

I have been drawing a lot recently…I got a new tablet (Intuos) and it is far superior to the tablet I had before (Volito). It is not so much bigger canvas wise, but I can now illustrate directly to my computer with no trouble. 2010 is going to be a great year for illustrating indeed. … Continue reading