167 – Imperial

More drawings…it has been a little while after all.   Advertisements

161 – Hiten


159 – Baltimore

Some more tings~

149 – To The Peak


147 – Halogen

Cassandra Alexandra – Soul Calibur II

146 – Survive

More recent goods…

138 – Prayer

Miranda Lawson from Mass Effect. I think she is a gorgeous looking character…which makes sense, because she is modelled off her voice actress, Yvonne Strahovski, who is just as gorgeous (just as…hehe…she needs to dye her hair black 😉 )

135 – M74_2 PRO

Lighthing, Trish and Spider-Woman…

128 – Black Winter Night Sky

Merry Christmas to all… …and some images… …with pen… …in a sketchbook. Another breach of contract. Noel Vermillion (Happy Birthday~) with Tsubaki Yayoi, Morrigan and Neith.

127 – Crescent Sun

Recent drawings…