144 – Tomb Raider

To interupt…I attended Eurogamer Expo last week to play Tekken Tag Tournament 2! I feel the game is well good and will evolve well over time. Still, very hard to decide wether to have Zafina or Lili with Nina…we shall see though, I have plenty of time to decide. I also got to try Anarchy … Continue reading

143 – Satellite Song

I like it when things come by to kick you in the butt. It happens, but what can one do about it? Deal with it and move on. With that, I announce that me getting a new graphics tablet will have to be set back for another month or two due to new circumstances of … Continue reading

142 – Autopsy / The Examination

A complicated life one leads, eh? I have not made it easy for myself, though the most interesting part of it all is fixing the little things that will result in something improved, or if not, more balanced. Sadly, no artwork again for this update, as I still need to purchase a new graphics tablet. … Continue reading

141 – One In Ten

A couple of months? Indeed. Explanation for lack of updates? Not really, though I cannot wait to go shopping again! :3 Basically, I need to get myself a scanner. I have been drawing a fair bit, but I would rather now upload things clean, rather than from a camera. If you know where I post … Continue reading

136 – The Tide

I lost my tablet pen…boo…may have to invest in a new one if I cannot find it in a month. Been drawing in the sketchbook though…but I have been relaxing the last week plus a few days as I am off work. Though this is a pink hoodie update…I have not updated in a while, … Continue reading

120 – Timestops

This month was all shitty….me dealing with the fact that I may never express myself as a person fully hit home hard. I need to get on with it really, as to be honest…today was perhaps one of the best days of the year for me. Why? Because I was doing what I love to … Continue reading

94 – Lyric on my Lip

Back to more drawings after work at 1pm tomorrow…that is a promise! It is the best time I can get things done drawing wise and I get sleep at good time as well…shame about work starting at 5am though. In the meantime, I did go out shopping today. I was initially going to buy several … Continue reading

91 – Signal

Just got back from the station for the next shift of work later…decided to draw something in the sketchbook. My pencils need to regroup…we are going to have some fun together (it is sucky trying to draw a portrait with one pencil…I will probably go over it once I regather all the friends)!

90 – Transition

Seems like forever since I actually last drawn something…have to finish off a couple of things before I go ahead with more random or mildly-requested stuff…but I have a fat TV on my desk now so that does not help matters at all. In the mean time, I do not want this lil’ ol’ blog … Continue reading

6 – [Runaways] Nico Minoru

Should really keep this updated…but then again, I have been kept occupied… …in any case, here is Nico Minoru, the Japanese lesbian teen from Marvel comic series Runaways.