My general domain…but mosty my artwork domain. Feel free to browse the site and I hope that my work is to your liking.

15 Responses to “Izanami”
  1. Fifi says:

    Just dropping a quick note to say that I simply -adore- your art – I draw myself but it’s not a patch on your incredible work, I can learn so much from studying your drawings! (:
    I’m a Marvel fan, so your drawing of Elektra and Lady Bullseye was totally relevant to my interests (8
    And I-I noticed that you’re going to the MCM Expo in May? Because, like, I am too! XD So it would be really cool to say hi! ^_^

  2. izanamitrap says:

    Indeed I will be attending – in fact, I should really get those dates booked…

  3. izanamitrap says:

    Alas, I forgot to get the days off work…plus I have day shift, so I am stuck in my hometown til tomorrow.

    GOING TO GIVE THIS BADBOY LAPTOP a real spin on my time off…though I may just draw lots. Who knows…yeeargh!

  4. JM says:

    Hey, Iza. I’m new here and gotta say: I like your artwork here! It must have been kinda hectic with 4chan and all and how some don’t agree with some of the things you draw. I just hope to see more of your fine art. 😉

    Quick question: do you take rquests?

  5. aliel says:

    I was wondering if you did commissions… I’d like some art for my TE stick done if you’d be up to it. I tried contacting you via MSN but it seems to be of no avail.

  6. hasuk says:

    sup Iza, I saw that thread on /co/ yesterday and I’m kinda interested. can I get your email so we can discuss it more?

  7. Debbie says:

    hello there..

    i was wondering , what inspires you to draw pictures of women? i’m just wondering.. your drawings are very good and they should be shown in galleries, thats how good i think they are.. but i was just wondering about the very near naked and positioned women..?

    keep up the good work.. for it can only get better xxx

    • izanamitrap says:

      I draw women mostly because of how creative they can be. Not saying men cannot, but the varying looks and designs for women interest me a lot more. They are versatile, have a lot more options and really fun to draw, in any which way really! It is a way I can show my appreciation and I am working to make sure I can do them more justice…one step at a time.

      • Debbie says:

        ok brother..
        keep up the good work. the pictures are truly very good, and you should draw women in anyway you like.. nobody else does them better


  8. Lyrissa says:

    So… poke, I guess? Talked to you about some “masking” the other day? No idea how to see your email on this site, if possible.

    Poke me back or something?

    Also, your art rocks.

  9. Lyrissa says:

    You stopped responding to emails. Was it something I said? 😦

    • Izanami says:

      Nah, just have not been feeling too great recently…have not been drawing much of anything and the gaps between doing stuff is widening, so I need to sort that out.

      I was thinking about your request the other day though, just that I need to get myself back on track before I work on anything properly, sorry if I implied otherwise 😦

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