143 – Satellite Song

I like it when things come by to kick you in the butt. It happens, but what can one do about it? Deal with it and move on.

With that, I announce that me getting a new graphics tablet will have to be set back for another month or two due to new circumstances of importance…well, the tablet is important too, but there are other things I would like to tend to first before I get cracking with art and design again. The next time I update this page I will be featuring proper content again as I plan to flesh out my skills as promised…concentrating on one thing at a time has done me a great amount of good, so I am keeping to that system.

Now that I am feeling somewhat more relaxed now that a lot of things have been cleared up, I can pick up and move on from there. I am really quite loaded and ready to fire, so hold on for a weeeeeee bit longer, as I will return stronger!


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