120 – Timestops

This month was all shitty….me dealing with the fact that I may never express myself as a person fully hit home hard. I need to get on with it really, as to be honest…today was perhaps one of the best days of the year for me. Why? Because I was doing what I love to do as much as drawing….shop.

As well as posing. I would be lying if I said I was not interested in modelling if I was a genetic woman. Get to try the best clothes, it would give me a reason to want to work out and look good at every chance I get, share ideas with others, etc…I may not look that great, but it is the best I can do…for the time being at least. My feminine side is proving to be the main thing that makes me happier and more confident about myself.

In any case, I was shopping for a long time – my feet were killing me because like an idiot I wore boots that *just* fit me…so in like, an hour, my feet were begging for mercy, so on the walk home I decided to make my way back without them on. Would not be the first time.

Shops were browsed a fair extent…I thought my trip was just going to be accessories all over the place, but eventually I moved onto clothes and shoes…I eventually saw that cape I wanted so bad….so so bad….you guys have no idea. I completely love the cape (search up Tipped Edge Cape from Warehouse…£90, worth every penny) and it pains me that I could not get it because it was a size too small and they did not have any my size in stock (which is quite popular incidentally, as for things that I want, my size is usually never available). A bit saddened, I moved onto other areas of interest…with stumps for feet.

Bags upon bags upon bags later (if it was not for rent and laser, I would have gone through my wages no problem), I eventually came across a substitute cape from Topshop….£85, looked really good, but the one I wanted there was also a size too small and had the colours I liked (black and gold, naturally)…I was not too bothered however, as this cape was pretty nice none the less. There was a fur trimmed one too for the same price, but it was Navy, so I will wait until next month to get it.

By the end of the trip, the only thing I wanted to get was a pencil skirt or two. I love pencil skirts almost as much as I like pencils. Seeing as I do not really like saving too many things for occasions, I would have made it a mission to make it one of my staple wares for when I go out at any time. There are so many different kinds, I do not see why I cannot. Sure, they will have to fight with shorts to be at the top of my must wear list…but I believe there will be up there with them once I work on my legs…my prime directive. I hate to be vain but I love them and come the new year, I will be spending more time with them.

Well, enough of all that – I did mention modelling earlier did I not? I would love to model at some point, as I love creative things. At the moment, all I can do is pose in front of a mirror, so without any more delay, here is me, reversing my mood for one day only, because I will be back to being a little shit when I go back to work (beware the dirty mirror, I will be getting a huge one soon hopefully):

Next month…we attack more capes, see what is hot for Winter (yes), try and find some OTK boots and get back to the drawing board. I still have some work to do in regards to X23 and Kimura…

One Response to “120 – Timestops”
  1. SPLA5H says:

    That last outfit, the long shirt with the tights, is absolutely stellar!

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