100 – Condemnation Wings

Hawkgirl for 100…

4 Responses to “100 – Condemnation Wings”
  1. hasuk says:

    Very lovely Iza, but what about the *ahem* OTHER Hawkgirl picture you were doing?

    • thg says:

      Hasuk, is there an other Hawkgirl picture?

      Anyway, Izanami, I requested from you a Hawkgirl picture, but I had to leave before anything was posted. So, for everything that you’ve done as a result of that request (including this, I guess), I thank you.

      You are, indeed, 2cool4school.

  2. MrIKari says:

    The title tricked me thinking it’s Tsubaki from BBCS but still awesome lol.

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