94 – Lyric on my Lip

Back to more drawings after work at 1pm tomorrow…that is a promise! It is the best time I can get things done drawing wise and I get sleep at good time as well…shame about work starting at 5am though.

In the meantime, I did go out shopping today. I was initially going to buy several things, but it ended up becoming a long walking trip for one expensive item, of which, I should not have got because I am not that stacked with cash at this time of the month! It was a good trip though…the women in the boutique were nice and helpful, gave me lots of things to think about and allowed me to try a few things. After the trip, went back home and played some Guilty Gear with a friend, so as it stands, my day was great.

In fact, I have to get ready to go home now…great -_-


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