84 – Tension In The Air

Some more…

7 Responses to “84 – Tension In The Air”
  1. Tri says:

    I’m sad I keep missing you in threads.. would it be impolite to request some Whitney Stane sexiness from you here?

    • izanamitrap says:

      I have no problems with that.

      • Tri says:

        Wow, didn’t you responded, , no notification or anything sorry for the late reply. Anyway, I just remember requesting something from you a few months ago and I think you said you’d do it, or not, maybe I read it wrong and I’m sorry if misinterpreted. It was Whitney sitting down in a classroom spreading her legs but she was holding her Mask in a way to cover her crotch; it was just something to emphasise her legs/high heels which I think are her best features. Maybe even nude, but you rarely do those judging by the stuff here, so no problem. No problem if you didn’t want to do it or anything, I understand, was just curious is all.

      • Izanami says:

        Sorry 😦

        It is a good idea and I will take it – just that I do start late when it comes to what I think are more detailed requests. Also still got Femme-Loki picture to finish, amongst other things.

        I hope to have an image done for you soon. I know you have been quite patient and hope to be of service to you.

  2. Tri says:

    (Got a notification this time 🙂 )

    And please don’t apologize, you’re doing this on your own time so I understand. Love your art, I’m sure it’ll be worth the wait. 🙂 Though I do notice you don’t post all of it here.. I’ve seen an interesting one posted on /a/ involving Balalaika and Integra. I approve of it an think you should do topless girls more often. Hehe.

    • Izanami says:

      Yeah, I just put the more honest pictures here…the others just dance around the internet until they may find their way here :p

      • Tri says:

        Nice. Er.. If you don’t mind, you could always ignore that request I just said and I wouldn’t mind seeing a less-than-honest picture of Whitney… as far as you’re willing to go; If you’re comfortable with that, of course. ^_^;

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