47 – Facade

1….2……..3 Advertisements

46 – Get Myself To You

Busy again~

45 – When The Sun Goes Down

Loki and some guy.

44 – Therapy

The real reason behind the new Songbird – by request… …and yes, NEW LAPTOP FOR YAYS

43 – Meedoen

A whole load of images!

42 – Alpha Centauri

Lara Croft…yes, I am a closet Lara fan even though I did not play the games proper (still have to finish Underworld though).

41 – Labrat

Some project pics – who knows what the project is called though! However, they must be archived somewhere…

40 – Area 6


39 – Chasing Shadows

Have not drawn an anime character in a while it seems…so here is one. Tsunade from Naruto…

38 – Contact

Kanae from Subtle Style’s Akatsuki series…and easily one of my favourite fighting game characters.