32 – Pendulum

Working, working, working…still practicing hard… Terra! Advertisements

31 – Keep It Comin’

Power Girl and Terra…N (particularly) WS, so a link has been provided. https://izanamitrap.wordpress.com/?attachment_id=169

30 – Better Place

The latest news. Lady Bullseye and Elektra and Roberta from Iron Man Armoured Adventures (I recommend, it is kinda cool and has Madame Masque in it).

29 – Masochist

Some after work works:

28 – Thursday


27 – Split The Atom

Before I readify myself for work, here is another forgotten gem from the house of Namco. One of Namco’s many Digital AV models, Hitomi Yoshino.

26 – Vault

3 updates today…! Morrigan…the context does not really need to be explained.

25 – Seek No Escape

Rose from Street Fighter…one of my favourite all-time fighting game characters. Decided to draw her after someone posted an image of her. Had lots of fun times with Rose in Alpha 2 (where she is really good)…she is a character that immediately reminds me of my liking for fighting games and now the foremost reason … Continue reading

24 – Underground

Choice cuts… …and yes, I have got my laptop to work for longer now! Still need to get a new system, though with a new HDD this one should last until then. I drew a lot of X23 yesterday…though the costume I choose for the pictures not that many people like, I really enjoyed drawing … Continue reading

23 – Stigma

The lovely X-23… …I will throw this in here now.