18 – Cyberpunk

Back from Cannes…it was an interesting trip to say the least, though it was not a bad one. Sure, I did not get to play the games I wanted to play but I accomplished the other things I wanted to do, which was to add to my female experience…sjopping and chilling out.

Someone needs to remind me that I need to bring a pair of flat shoes/boots with me the next time I travel…spent 4 days wallking around in heels for hours. One pair became hard work because I lwas wearing them almost all day so my feet were tired though my legs could move forever, the other, of which I would call my business boots because they are *perfect*, started to kill my little toes. Had to take them off when I could. The things I do for the shoes I love…

As far as the EXP goes, it is all seeming quite standard now….even as far as going to womens restrooms. I have a good selection of things to wear…I just wish I did not have to wear as much make-up. I guess I will be getting the Laser started soon…looking forward to the (painful) experience.

Yeah, yeah I know I will be upsetting a lot of people…but what else can I expect.

In any case, I drew several portraits on the plane, so I will get around to scanning those in a day or so when I head back home. It was about the only thing I could do on the 1hr45min plane ride.

Now to see about that doctor…


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