22 – Satellite Type

Doodlan~ Advertisements

21 – White Land

Mai Shiranui…so glad she is back! She is amazing~

20 – One Ahead System

Black Canary…

19 – The Hanged Edge

Got my image of Lightning signed by Yoshinori Kitase and Isamu Kamikokuryo at the HMV signing in London yesterday…it was well worth the wait. Now I can put it along side my Hwoarang picture signed by the founder of Namco.

18 – Cyberpunk

Back from Cannes…it was an interesting trip to say the least, though it was not a bad one. Sure, I did not get to play the games I wanted to play but I accomplished the other things I wanted to do, which was to add to my female experience…sjopping and chilling out. Someone needs to … Continue reading