17 – Wretch

You know, it suck is sucking more and more that I cannot execute my business in Photoshop for a long duration. I might have to make the sacrifices here and there to just make a system I can use then consider a laptop much later.

I also forgot to bring my sketchbook from London so I can draw whilst I am back at my parents home after I work. Looks as though I will be making that trip back to get it, plus do some other things…like pay the rent. Yeah.

Also it has been brought to my attention that the MCM Expo is coming soon…in a couple of months in fact, in May – I almost forgot! Now I have to plan for that as well. I think I may go for something generic that can go with the items I already have…I wish I could make a costume but I do not have the time. I would spend so much time on making it look as good as possible and I would learn the necessary skills to do a good job. This is time I do not have…if I win the lottery however…!

Sorry for just a text update, but there is not much I can do without a sketchbook and my laptop. I am still saddened at the fact considering that my tablet is still new and I am dying to do something right now. Oh well…at least I have Cannes to look forward to at the start of March.

I have been looking to see where I need to shop as well, cannot be limited to just games. Now that I know, I have to prepare a budget!

Tch, enough prattle. Time to watch some Curling. I am starting to like it…not as boring as it seems.


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