17 – Wretch

You know, it suck is sucking more and more that I cannot execute my business in Photoshop for a long duration. I might have to make the sacrifices here and there to just make a system I can use then consider a laptop much later. I also forgot to bring my sketchbook from London so … Continue reading

16 – Love, Lust, Desire

My laptop may not be working, but the family laptop does and so does the scanner, so rather than wait to get a new system or get it repaired, I will be using this system for the time being…without the tablet, so you all will be seeing things in sketch form for the duration. Here … Continue reading

15 – Mass Destruction (Oh yeah~ baby, baby)

Need to get my laptop fixed or replaced with a new system…I want to get a laptop as I prefer them to desktops, but at the same time I like the customization options on a desktop. Now was not a good time for my laptop to completely and utterly fail me. Plus I need to … Continue reading

14 – Killer Diamond Necklace

Double update. Diamondback and Gwen Stacy.

13 – Roger

Here we have Roger from Promethea… After writing that quote on the picture…I wish people were a bit more accepting. Guilt trips are ass.