10 – Charity Cross

Sketch time…it has been a while for me though, seeing that now I have a half-decent tablet (Wacom Intuos4), I can draw directly to my computer and actually like the opening results. I do not want to make a habbit out of this however, as I my love in in traditional media and always will…even if I only use a small portion of tools to aid my interest.

To give an example of what my sketches generally look like these days, here is a character of mine…

She weighs in at *just* 7 years old and is one of my mainstays – one of a dozen or so characters I like to draw a lot. She is pretty simple in design, but I am a simple individual 🙂 she has quite a bit of history and is a character I generally draw when I am in a good mood.

In saying that, more original stuff will come…I have been drawing a lot on the move as well, was going to make a sale on a bus early in the morning as well…shame I had to get off when I was about to finish the sketch off…ah well, there is always another day!


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