12 – Mystique

I am in the correct mood today. Advertisements

11 – Marrow

…well, I thought it was al alright idea to put onto digital paper.

10 – Charity Cross

Sketch time…it has been a while for me though, seeing that now I have a half-decent tablet (Wacom Intuos4), I can draw directly to my computer and actually like the opening results. I do not want to make a habbit out of this however, as I my love in in traditional media and always will…even … Continue reading

9 – Hawkgirl

Have been scribbling, should add sketchbook pictures as well at some point. Here is a digi-sketch of Hawkgirl for the time being though.

8 – [Transformers] Blackarachnia

Blackarachnia a bit worse for wear…

7 – [Witching Hour] Cynthia

Cyntia from DC Comics… ~update~

6 – [Runaways] Nico Minoru

Should really keep this updated…but then again, I have been kept occupied… …in any case, here is Nico Minoru, the Japanese lesbian teen from Marvel comic series Runaways.